The AirPods Experience

I’ve been using AirPods since the day they came out in December, and I underestimated how much they would improve the listening experience on my iPhone.

Before getting the AirPods, I would use Apple’s In-Ear Headphones for my commute to block out the sound of the train.Once I got to work, I used EarPods at my desk so that I could hear the ambient noise around me.

A few things bothered me about this setup, but I put up with it. The In-Ear headphones sounded really great but when I walked, I would hear the vibrations of the wire rubbing up against my coat – this was especially bad in the winter. Worse yet, also in the winter, the dry air would occasionally cause static electricity which would create uncomfortable sounds from time to time. It was rare though, so I put up with it, and they sounded really great.

When I decided to get AirPods, I was a little worried that the sound of the train would be annoying, as it would get through without the seal of the In-Ear Headphones. Once I started using them on the train though, I realized that it wasn’t that bad. I also realized that not having a wire made the dip in sound quality worth it. The freedom of not having a wire anywhere near me, especially in the cold Quebec winter, is incalculable. Even after several weeks of commuting, I am still delighted by the experience.

Once I get to work, that experience is also a huge improvement over the wired EarPods. For several weeks, I had phantom cord syndrome, where I constantly attempted to keep the wire out of the way when I moved. It reminded me of when I first got an Xbox 360 and I was used to the wired controller of my PS2. Not having a wire makes moving around my office a joy.

Any of my reservations I had about AirPods quickly disappeared after a few days of using them. They sound great. They don’t fall out of my ears. They have never run out of power. The range has yet to come into play. The only complaint I do have is one I have with every Bluetooth device in the winter. My automatic car starter seems to interfere with them and on rare occasions, weird connection issues pop up in the morning when my wife starts the car and goes to work. These connection issues are relatively rare though – maybe 4 or 5 times since owning them, and they’re quickly resolved by taking them out of my ears and putting them back in.

The AirPods are worth the price, and they have by far resulted in the most pleasant experience I’ve had with any ear buds I have ever used. They really make my commute that much better and I would highly recommend them.

The AirPods Experience