The Price of Innovation

On October 27, 2016, Apple has announced new MacBook Pro laptops with an innovative new feature: the Touch Bar. It’s a really interesting concept, with fantastic possibilities for productivity. The thing is, these new MacBook Pros are by far the most expensive products we’ve seen in a while from Apple.

Apple seems to be forgetting about the regular consumer that wants to buy a Mac because they’ve heard they’re easier to use than Windows machines. In Canada, the least expensive MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar is $2300, although you do get a lot of computer for that price. It’s not over-priced for what it is (there’s amazing tech in these MacBooks), it’s just that if you want to get started with the Touch Bar, you’ll be paying quite a bit.

Now, you can still buy the March 2015 MacBook Air for a much more reasonable $1200, but I worry that they won’t be keeping that model updated. For now, it’s still a really great Mac that will work well for most non-pro users. Apple, however, has a history of letting consumer models fester without updates and in. a few months, it’ll be really hard to recommend that Mac to family and friends that want to get a new laptop.

The Price of Innovation

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